Pocket Bike Racing

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Mini pocket bikes have become quite popular. They make great gifts for older children and even adults have managed to find some unique ways to have fun using them. Mini pocket bikes were first produced by Japan for racing competitions. Naturally many people all over the world still use them for this.

Most racing pocket bikes are ΒΌ the size of a full scale motorcycle and is powered by a 2 stroke internal combustion engine that is 40 to 50 cubic centimeters. This engine can produce between 2.4 and 17 horsepower depending on which model you get.

They are not built with suspension – which means that drivers will need to rely on the heavy duty racing tires that they come with. These tires will help to absorb any bump on the road and to handle sharp curves.

They can go as fast as 45 to 78 miles per hour. They usually cost between $200 to $7,000. The price will depend on what model you choose and how fast they are.