Overcoming Your Skateboarding Fears

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Like any extreme sport when starting off one of the first things you have to learn is to conquer any fear you have for the sport. Skateboarding is no different. And you have every right to be scared. The fact that you are rolling around on a piece of wood and can fall down at any time and get hurt should always be in your mind.

But you should not let the fear control you. You should control the fear – but understand what can happen at the same time. The reason many stay scared is because they are impatient to learn and push themselves too hard. If you bought your skateboard last week don’t be too eager to jump off a ramp the next week.

Stay relaxed and let it come to you as you learn. When you take your time you will learn properly and become much better at it then you hoped.

Despite what you think falling actually helps a lot in building your confidence in skateboarding. Every time you wipe out, you get a little bit better. Your body starts to learn what not to do.

You can also practice falling. For example, if you are skating on ramps but you are afraid of dropping in, then practice running up the side of the ramp and dropping to your knees (you’ll want knee pads for this!). Just run up, drop to your knees and slide back down. Then, if you fall while dropping in, you know how to fall. This should help reduce your skateboarding fear.