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Pocket Bike Racing

Mini pocket bikes have become quite popular. They make great gifts for older children and even adults have managed to find some unique ways to have fun using them. Mini pocket bikes were first produced by Japan for racing competitions. Naturally many people all over the world still use them for this. Most racing pocket […]

Overcoming Your Skateboarding Fears

Like any extreme sport when starting off one of the first things you have to learn is to conquer any fear you have for the sport. Skateboarding is no different. And you have every right to be scared. The fact that you are rolling around on a piece of wood and can fall down at […]

Traveling Downhill And Uphill On Your Snowboard

Riding a snowboard isn’t going to be easy -which means that you need to have patience during the learning process. It might take a few weeks before you are able to hit the slopes and even then they will be the small ones. The first thing you want to learn is the direction you need […]